Be careful with your Otf knives

That blade should be cherished by you and remember to give your thanks to the person who gave it to you when an athame was provided to you personally as a present.

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Athames who have already been in a person’s possions and used widely for rites and charms not simply pick up energies of the previous owner which can be kept inside the blade, nevertheless they keep the energies these were employed for.

To keep this from happening, make sure you handle your blade of otf knives with dignity and reverence. While knelt down, along with your head down studying the earth and also the blade held out in both of your hands, palms-up facing you say a pray er. Following the prayer put the blade back on your own altar and stay it there till you’re willing to utilize it once more.

The much more these holy things are mistreated and abused the more probably that are to eventually be a resource for damaging energies. They’re going to start to leech off your energies just like a vampire and the blade of otf knives will unexpectedly turn into a boat for all these shadowy powers and can backfire the rites and charms you utilize the athame in.

Much like a firearm, it isn’t the firearm which is bad or means to do damage, it’s the person who wields it. Precisely the same might be mentioned to any ritual device you use, specially your athame blade.

The initial rite that you could employ your athame for would maintain a protection rite. Picture energies start to develop inside of you which will make sure that you remain safe from damaging influences and powers, because it is a rite on protection. These white mild energies totally encompass you, visualize these energies being channeled from your own center and outwards therefore that it encompasses your whole body in a protect.

As you are going through this post today, I consider you are looking to get a practical strategy to rapidly disable your attacker having a otf knife and prevent getting cut! The majority of the otf knife fights who I’ve found, someone constantly gets cut which is what makes knife-fighting so harmful. Picture to be able to guard yourself from a road punk in seconds utilizing a simple-to-use knife-fighting technique with my solution powder or sand in the hand of your pocket otf knives or other types of popular folding knives.


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