The best infrared heater types

So, infrared heaters are the heaters that transfer heat to objects by infrared rays. Surfaces of these heated objects absorb radiation from infrared heater and then transmit heat to the air.

The best infrared heater types

“The power of the best infrared heating models helps you save money on your energy bills in the winter as well. Turning the thermostat up higher and higher to try to get comfortable in every room wastes a lot of energy and makes those cold-weather bills skyrocket.” Seeking on the best infrared heater? You can find popular infrared heater models at
This principle of work allows significant savings in energy consumption compared with other types of heating systems, where most of the heat is used for heating underceiling space. Also worth noting, infrared heating is the only one class of heating, which allows you to warm up a point, i.e. not fully premises, but only in those areas that are required. Moreover, the heat from infrared heaters felt almost immediately after switching and practically without losses reaches heated surfaces, which also affects the cost of energy consumption.

Carbon infrared heaters have a very broad scope of use – residential, commercial space, shops, sports facilities and other places of mass attendance, industrial premises and warehouses, showrooms and many others.

Infrared heaters will heat up easily a huge shop or a little room, and your workplace. An infrared heater can warm up even the sofa on the front porch of your country house, where you have relax, but otherwise the room will be kept lower temperature. By the way, in the open air, it is the only possible form of heating. With the help of them you can distinguish a great room to zones with different temperatures.

Advantages of infrared heaters: most energy compared to other heaters. Infrared heater reaches desired temperature in 30 seconds. Provide a stable temperature, relieve drafts. High safety. In contrast, unit heaters, infrared heater does not burn oxygen and dust.

This is the most natural look heating, because the most famous infrared heater is the sun. That’s why we were most pleasantly and comfortably with this heater. Only infrared heater can heat the room as a point and zonal.

The disadvantages of all even the best infrared heaters: the higher price compared to the other heaters. However, the safety, efficiency and comfort is paying off.

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