Wood panels for basement

Coated walls with a plastic is less expensive than wood and bamboo paneling. The surface of these panels can be painted in different colors, and have drawings that imitate marble, natural stone, wood or masonry. Drawing on such wall panels is applied by printing, and protect special layer, which in addition has antistatic properties (panel does not attract dust, so they can be used in homes where live people who suffer from asthma or allergies) and resistance to fading. The coating can be matte or glossy, or any other color. Due to its physical and chemical characteristics of plastic can be used for walls in any room. It is fire safe (no light), has a high degree of sound insulation, water resistance, the joints between the panels are waterproof. Particular care is required in this coating. From time to time it must be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.

wood wall paneling

“You can use wood wall panels to make neutral wall colors such as white, peach, and beige to be more conspicuous.” You can read more about wood panels and other popular home decor materials. Just visit moderndecorstore.net.

Wood or other wall covering?

Plastic panels are good because they can be used to create an interior in any style, they combine well with other finishing materials. In addition, the plastic will last you at least ten years with proper maintenance. Besides, this panel will help you to hide wall defects communication and walls.
Besides the common used plastic panels you can purchase mirrored wall panels. They are made of polystyrene coated with polyethylene film. The material is easy to cut, its very flexibility and these mirror panels can be used for wall niches, various boxes and pipes. It can be panted with various patterns as using ink and embossing technique. Panel moisture resistant and virtually ideal for walls in bathrooms. Furthermore, mirror visually increases the space in several times.

Nowadays, a sliding wall panels are became a very popular in home decor covering. They are relatively lightweight, quick to install and disassemble. With such panels you can easily zoning your rooms, which is very important for single and small apartments. They good for separating sleeping and working places, even in a small room to allocate space for an office. Sliding panels can be made to order or buy ready-made. The kit of such wood panels includes sliding panels frame, canvas and mounting hardware. The frame usually consists of either the guide beams, fastened to the ceiling or wall of the beams and struts, between which is mounted partition. The beam is a rail, decorated on the sides of the panels.


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