Secrets of the wine cooler

Wine refrigerator looks different from a conventional refrigerator. His door has usually a glass, so you can admire the wine collection inside. Agree, it’s better than looking at the frozen foods and bottles of yogurt. Glass of wine coolers is not easy, but toned and does not pass into the enclosure destructive ultraviolet.
The shelves of a good wine refrigerator are not made from metal, they are wood. Through this paper label on the bottle will not be stained with condensate and not come off. Furthermore, wooden shelves are additional converter vibration. But the main damper from vibration provide cabinet stands. Compressor wine refrigerator, unlike ordinary household, mounted on rubber cushioning pads.

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The developers are paid special attention to internal atmosphere of wine coolers. In some models (e.g., Liebherr) entering the inner cavity of the cabinet air is cleaned by a filter with activated charcoal.
If you want to surprise your friends with a luxury collection of fine wines, if you have large stocks of wine, you do produce wine, for its storage does not fit any refrigerator. A good wine cooler, and especially one that has to create the necessary conditions not only for storage but also for maturing wine should match the characteristics that are observed in this wine cellar. To do this, it is important to maintain a constant temperature, opacity, a certain level of humidity, fresh air, protect the wine from concussions.

The temperature is one important option for wine cabinets. In some models, at different levels have different temperature zones that help to quickly prepare the wine for consumption or vice versa to slow down the process of growing up. When ripe, the wine is very important to avoid mechanical shock bottle for this wine cooler is equipped with a special system, absorbing vibration, so do not store these wines to purchase refrigerators with a mechanical ventilation system.

Wine should be stored in the “lying down” position, the plug was covered with wine and fits snugly against the neck of the bottle and prevents the ingress of air and oxidation of the wine. Wine cooler has a structure that allows you to store bottles in a position to fill as much of the useful volume, but so as not to violate the free circulation of air. Compliance with the humidity level – about 70% can not shrink corks and labels do not spoil too much moisture. Special filters purify wine cooler from incoming fresh air and odors.

Before buying a wine cooler, check out how to select it, how it works.

Keep in mind that wine cabinets come in 2 types – climate and temperature. Temperature is not for storage of wines for a long time, it can be set at different temperatures in different zones. In addition to the climatic cabinet of the temperature regime has a number of options through which beverage is stored in appropriate conditions.

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